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New ways to use Boss Bodies

Years ago, many hobbyists bought inexpensive Artin slot cars and mounted Boss Bodies 1/32 bodies with Velcro or pins. The demise of Artin created a void for a common platform. Racers used a variety of cannibalized Scalextric (mostly START cars) and other brands. Now, you have options for a common platform to use our unparalleled selection of 1/32 bodies on cars that can run fairly together.

Build your own

Most 1/32 are too narrow for a Womp chassis. That's why LVJ came out with the Cruiser Chassis. This is a 2" wide inline steel chassis. that adjusts from 2.75" to 3.75" wheelbase. For longer cars, extended nose pieces are available. You can use ProTrack 219 wheel/tires on these and the will fit inside the fenders. You can also use smaller stock looking wheels from 1/32 manufacturers like SRP and others for a stock appearance.

The chassis uses any FK130 style motor like H&R, JK, Sloting Plus, NSR, etc. Post war cars fit these easily (1949 and up). Prewar will need some creativity because of the bottle shape with the external fenders. For those, consider using the Champ chassis and tubes to mount the body.

Buy Ready to Run

ProTrack offers a 1/32 ready to run that will fit most bodies. The wheelbase adjusts from Min 2.720” Max 3.430”. If you race on plastic track and like magnets, the aluminum car comes with three preinstalled. The car is also available in brass. These use 3/32 axles and Daytona Stockers, and Plafit motors. They are double the cost of an Artin, but you are getting a solid metal chassis with replaceable parts.

The body mounts have holes to accommodate pin tubes, buttons, or screws as well as conventional body clip holes. There are two mounting positions for narrow and wider cars.

You can use the ProTrack cars for a simple, even racing program on wood or plastic. We have tested both on our wood track and they perform great. If you want to write your own rules or deign your package, the LVJ Cruiser is the way to go. We can help you design a package that works for your track.

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