These Hot Rods use a Womp style chassis, but have very loose modification restrictions.  Racers are given min/max dimensions on most car parameters and allowed free reign to set it up. We are very excited to have Chomps on board as the title sponsor this year. They produce delicious meat snacks, and work hard to make them healthy. Yes, they made meat snacks good for you. We cried a little.


From 1931 until the early 1980s, Freeport, NY was home to Freeport Speedway, originally Freeport Municipal Stadium. Seating about 10,000, the stadium hosted "midget" auto races; after World War II it switched to stock car racing and eventually demolition derbies.  This series replicates a division that ran there.  American compact cars with fat tires, good times.  These can be built using our basic kit and a selection of Boss Bodies, or kit bodies.

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