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Scenery for your Raceway

We believe slot cars should be fun... and cheap.  Here are some links to scenery resources that are all free.  There are buildings that you can download, billboards, signs, banners, flags, and even decals.  We used one of them to make the rusty corrugated tin shack that houses our voltage meter and power/caution lights.  You can print the paper buildings and run them through a laminator for strength, or send them to your local print shop.

Slotracer Online

Very high quality, free, Slot Track Graphics, Banners, and Backdrops

This is a huge collection of paper building downloads. There are bars, barbecue joints, pavilions, NASCAR war wagons, Monster Energy banners, and more. The only problem you will have is how to make your layout larger to accommodate your awesome new buildings.

In addition to a track design library, there are tutorials on how to make paper buildings and scenery. This site is worth looking around.

These are free. They have flagstands, restrooms, garages, grandstands, and more. The site is German. In the right pane, click "Gebäude & Deko" to expand the list an then click of the links below that to see all the buildings. Each building page has a pdf file to download. Many have blanks that you can decorate yourself if you like. The Lucky trike stand with the restrooms in the back and graffiti is cool.

Great quality actual racing programs. They make great wall art for your track.

This site is a treasure trove of free buildings. We used one for our timing shack, and it looks great. It pays to have the file professionally printed. e also laminated ours for strength. You'll get lost looking at all the treasure here. Check out these examples:

These are very nice billboard sized logos.  There are even some ready to print sheets at the bottom of the page.  if you're looking for contingency stickers, try his 1/64th scale sheets.  You may get a nag page if you disallow popup, just click the link in the middle of the page.  Another page will pop up.  Click the "billboards" link.

You've decided your layout is boring and needs some "extras", or you're just starting out and need ideas.  Adrian's website is well laid out, easy to navigate, and contains tons of useful "how-to" sections.  There are piles of creative ideas for making your own track-side scenery.  From barriers and fences to buildings, it's all here.  He also has a section on how to ready a room for your slot car track layout.  This website is a must see for all your trackside scenery plans.

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