Segment 3 Divisions

  • 1:30PM - Track opens for practice

  • 3:00PM - SuperStox

  • 3:45PM - Islip Legends

  • 4:30PM - Sprint Cars

  • 5:15PM - Bombers

  • 8:00PM - Track closes


Restricted Divisions

These cars are based on the Womp style chassis and use a strict rule set to keep the racing even.  This gives new drivers an opportunity to start out running the exact same equipment as everyone else.  Use these to develop your driving skills.  All spec race cars are also legal in the open divisions.  Save money by starting out with one car that gets you into two races on Race Day.  Currently, the Spec Divisions are Islip Legends, Dirt Modifieds, Trucks and Asphalt Late Models.  Use the drop down menu above to get information on each class.

Open Divisions

These cars are also based on the Womp-style chassis, but many modifications are allowed.  Very loose motor and chassis rules make this an exciting division of very fast cars.  All spec division race cars are legal in the open divisions, and their late brake points and reliability makes them competitive.  Currently, the Open Divisions are Dirt Late Model, Modifieds, Super Modifieds,and SuperStox.  Use the drop down menu above to get specific information on each class.

True Scale Divisions

These are 1/32 scale race cars that have realistic proportions.  Chassis may be fabricated or complete cars like Carrera, Scalextric, SCX, etc. may be used.  Motors are limited to 30,000 rpm and strict tire width rules are enforced  Currently, True Scale Divisions are Bombers, Stock Car, and Street.  Use the drop down menu above to get specific information each on class.

Narrow Divisions

These little cars use the LVJ Champ or Sprints Plus chassis.  The narrow chassis, light weight, and big power make these drift kings a lot of fun.  Currently, skinny divisions are Early Modifieds, Indy Roadsters and Sprint Cars.  The Early Modifieds use a narrow, hard rear tire while the Sprints Cars have more traction.  Use the drop down menu above to get specific information each on class.

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