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Smith Scale Speedway is a popular slot car racing track located in Charlestown, New Hampshire. The track is owned and operated by Steven Smith and his family, who are also involved in the manufacturing of slot car products under the GASS, LVJ Chassis, and Boss Bodies brands. The track itself is a 55-foot wooden oval with six lanes, designed to replicate Northeast short track racing divisions. The track is known for its smooth surface and challenging layout, which make for exciting and competitive races. The track is open to the public for racing, and there are regular races and events held throughout the year. In addition to slot car racing, Smith Scale Speedway also offers a range of slot car products for sale, including slot car bodies, chassis, and other components. The track is also home to the Smith Scale Speedway Museum, which features a collection of vintage and rare slot cars and slot car racing memorabilia. Smith Scale Speedway is a popular destination for slot car enthusiasts in the New England region and beyond. The track's challenging layout and smooth surface, combined with the family-friendly atmosphere and range of slot car products, make it a must-visit for anyone interested in the hobby of slot car racing.

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