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Parma Home Sets, new H&R motors and International 32's!

We are excited to report our new shipment of motors just arrived! After many, many months we received an order of Parma 16D Home Set motors. There aren't many, but we got 'em. And, if the home set isn't your thing, try out the new H&R Racing Motors - the 35k Stingray and the 26k Cobra.

For those of you looking for chassis's instead, we replenished our stock of Sprint Plus Brass and brought in some Parma International 32's. You can find these on the chassis page with the full supply of LVJ steel and brass Champs and Chargers. We even have some inline motor brackets available again to help our scratch builders.

Finally, what shipment would be complete without making sure there were more ProTrack Silicones in the box.

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