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Why our site looks different

Our old website was built many years ago , with obsolete tools. We had a lot of complaints relating to:

  • Items site for sale out of stock (poor inventory control tools)

  • Not being told an item is unavailable until I try to buy it

  • Not usable on tablets on mobile devices

  • Clunky shopping cart

  • PayPal haters wanted an alternative

This new site should address all that, with better scaling on different size screens and better ways to find our products through search and filtering. Looking for tires? On the Shop page, just click "Wheels and Tires" and you'll quickly see what we have.

If we carried a product before, we still do. It takes sone time to get it all back up in a new system. As always, if you don't see something that you want, just email or call us..

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