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Professor Motor Fox 10
  • Professor Motor Fox 10

    SKU: PMTR1032

    Professor Motor version of the Fox 10 Mabuchi motor - closed can design - 25,000 RPM 196 gm-cm torque - Compatible with home racing wall pack power supplies - great replacement motor for TSRF chassis cars to use for home racing - includes motor mounting screws, super flex silicone lead wires and high performance lead wire ends - FK130SH high quality carbon brush motor with 2mm motor shaft - bronze bushings, M2 threaded mounting holes on shaft end

    Motor Rotation - If the + lead is attached where the motor has a red marking on the endbell the motor will rotate counter-clockwise looking into the shaft end. BUT there is no specific commutator advance meaning the motor can be wired and will rotate in EITHER clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

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