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LVJ Aluminum Charger Chassis
  • LVJ Aluminum Charger Chassis

    SKU: LVJ002A

    Inline brass chassis.  Similar to Womp except that the wheelbase adjusts from 2.75" to 3.75" Screws included. These are 100% made in the United States from 5052 Aluminum. Type 5052 aluminum contains 97.25% Al, 2.5%Mg, and 0.25%Cr, and its density is 2.68 g/cm3 (0.0968 lb/in3). Generally, 5052 aluminum alloy is stronger than other popular alloys such as 3003 aluminum and also has improved corrosion resistance due to the absence of copper in its composition.


    This assembled chassis weighs 15.3g


    .040″+/- .004″181.0
      $15.98 Regular Price
      $11.99Sale Price
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