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2013 Dodge Ram Truck 1/32 body
  • 2013 Dodge Ram Truck 1/32 body

    SKU: PATDoTk13

    1/32 scale true scale body from Pattos Place.  This is not a Womp body. These are made from 0.5mm clear PETG, and come clear and untrimmed.  Wash them with warm soapy water first to remove the mold release agent.  .5mm is roughly .020". 


    The wheelbase is roughly 3.5", and the body is 2.25" wide. We recommend the LVJ Cruiser and Pro Track 219 wheels/tires, or the ProTrack club chassis. They may also work on true scale chassis like Scalextric or Carrera with a similar wheelbase.


    NASCAR style body

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