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In these days of digital experiences, there are fewer and fewer actual magazines. I hate that. The experience of grabbing a cup of coffee, settling into a chair, and digesting the contents of a magazine without distraction is unique. You can cut pictures out for your wall. You can keep it on your workbench and refer to "how to" articles as you build a car. Fortunately, Gregg Hutchings has kept this experience alive for a core group of us. Model car builders and slot car racers may be modern people and lead digitally connected lives, but we also tune out the noise as we sit at our workbench or desk and build with tools and our hands. I race slot cars for a lot of reasons, but among them is my belief that focusing on a job as we build something tangible and have a non-digital experience is vital to preserve. Gregg helps us complete that experience by allowing us to have an actual copy of a real magazine on the bench as we work.

Consider helping preserve this by subscribing at

If digital is what you want, they offer that too. Someday, magazines will be gone and that will be a shame. Subscribe now to keep it alive.

Steve Smith

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