We offer slot cars for both plastic home sets and wood routed tracks.  Sprints Plus, Parma Womp, and Champion Legends and Thumper slot cars can be used on both with a guide flag modification and the right motor.  If you're unsure of whether a slot car will work where you plan to race it, ask and we'll be happy to help you.  There are options depending on your power supply.  Click the "Parts & Stuff" button above for a large selection of affordable motors that work anywhere.

$39.00 unassembled

""The House Special"  This basic car kit will work great on home or commercial tracks.  With Small Block power (21,000 rpm torquey motor with good brakes), it works well on transformer power, but will crank out the rpm's on commercial tracks.  We're currently using the Champion Thumper chassis in these and MX Eagle tires.  Add any MonkeyWerx, Parma, or Rhino body from our Bodies page and race anywhere.  
Sprints Plus slot car kits are available with no motor, a regular Parma 16D motor, or a Small Block motor suitable for home or commercial tracks.  They do not come with the paint jobs pictured.  Wing sold separately.

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Sebring Full Chassis Kit

$27.50 unassembled


Sebring car kit, without body - click to enlarge

2.7' to 3.7" wheelbase.
Includes all parts needed to build a running chassis: SlimLine motor (21500rpm@12V), super chassis magnet (re-moveable), racing guide & braid, high flexible motor lead wire, hardened blank shaft axles (45,0mm on front axle & 42,5mm wide on rear axle), metal axle spacers, detailed plastic racing rims and authentic SP-002 rubber tyres (20,9x8mm front & 22x10mm rear).