We've compiled some great resource sites for Modifieds and vintage stock cars.   Some people use these to find pictures of that elusive old bomber they'd like to model.   Others just browse those thrilling days of  yesteryear.  Some of these sites have literally thousands of old race photos.  There's a strong following for old modifieds, and it's great that their fans keep the cars alive in museums and on these web sites.  Whether you're looking for dirt late models, coupe modifieds, Pintos, Vegas and Gremlins, you'll find pics in the sites listed here.  There are even sections devoted to Bomber stockers.  No one paid to be listed here.                   

Vintage Northeast Modified Stock Cars

Message boards, huge photo archives, classifieds, and lots of information

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

Driver profiles, photo archives, message board, links and more.  This is a club that actively races vintage modifieds.  Mods are alive in the great white north, eh?

Pete's Racing Site

Too much to describe.  Biographies, pictures, great site.

LaSheef's Racing Photos

Over 2,000 Racing Photos! Auto Racing Photos From Then Until Now!   Modifieds, Super Modifieds, Sprint Cars, Indy Cars, & Winston Cup.  Great, well organized, site.

3 Wide's Picture Vault

Photos and Comments from the 1950's through the 90's! (Featuring competitors from Flemington, Bridgeport, East Windsor, Harmony, Trenton, Langhorne, Nazareth, Old Bridge, Reading, Fort Dix/New Egypt, Vineland, Pleasantville, Wall Stadium, Alcyon, Allentown, Harmony, Hatfield, US 13, and many, many more, plus Vintage Modifieds! Scroll all the way down for the vault entrance.

Islip Speedway

The smallest (1/5 mile) track to ever host a NASCAR Grand National race. Lots of links here to historical information, the birth of the demo derby, and more. Islip Speedway was featured on ABC Wide World of Sports back in the day when figure eight races were televised.

Performance Car Parts

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